Thursday 23 April 2015

Latest Charity Shop Finds

Last week I picked up these two books from different Charity Shops in Worcester and Evesham. The first is a copy of Tradition - number 51. The magazine is in very good condition but missing the colour plates from the centre spread. I bought it for just 10p.

Tradition is not a magazine I am familiar with, so this has proven to be an interesting and informative read. I particularly liked the illustrations.

I was not able to find a published date - but the cover price was seventeen and sixpence!

Update; See this link. Thanks to Edwin King (see comments).

The second book is a 8 1/2 inch x 5 1/2 inch booklet that lists 18 battles fought on UK soil since The Battle of Heavenfield 635AD to The Siege of Newcastle 1644.

The battle reports are varied, some being a paragraph or two, while others run into pages. The illustrations are simplistic, but the maps are effective in conveying the atmosphere.

This booklet was bought for just 99p.

Famous Northern Battles by Frank Graham
Published by Butler Publishing in 1988 (reprinted in 1996)
ISBN 0 946928 21 5
Cover price £1.75



Diplomatist said...

Tradition was published by Tradition of London. They still sell their back issues as a tenner a throw -

Tony said...

Thank you.

I have updated the Blog post to include details.


BigLee said...

Some of the best books I have found have been acquired in Charity shops. Its a sad fact that with the slow demise of high street bookshops (in favour of internet sales) charity stores are often the only place one can buy books when out shopping.