Thursday 9 April 2015

The Todoroni Regiment - part two

I have mounted each of the Todoroni miniatures onto 2p coins and built up the bases with Milliput Fine White epoxy putty. I like to 'mimic' the Alternative Armies/Flintloque bases by adding odd Milliput stones.

The bases are further textured by adding sieved stones and sand to the bases. This is added over dilute uPVA glue and to make sure it sticks; I usually paint the surface with even more dilute uPVA glue to which I have added a tiny drop of washing up liquid.

I realise that my preferred technique of basing prior to undercoating and painting is not the norm, but it works for me and before I even pick up a paintbrush I have invested time and effort into my figures.

These images also show the amount of Green Stuff modelling and conversions I have carried out on the figures.

More to follow.


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