Tuesday 14 April 2015

The Todoroni Regiment - part four

Another short post - the 'flesh' areas have been painted green. Starting with a dark Forest Green base colour and highlighting through Mid Green to a Leaf Green colour.

The Black areas have been tidied up with Vallejo Black, which for some reason appears very glossy!

Progress is a little slower than I would like as 'other' project have taken the bulk of my spare time.

Expect more soon.



Chris said...

Hi Tony

Nice to see the Todoroni getting some love. Looking forward to more.

Off topic, as the only person I know who has mentioned Typhon, I wanted to ask if you have the PDF rules for Thoas the Giant? I asked Gavin but he can't find it!


Tony said...

Hi Chris,

No I don't have these stats. Sorry.


Chris said...

Thanks for letting me know!