Friday 3 April 2015

New On-line Build for April 2015

This is my first On-line Build for some time. A section of eight Flintloque Toads. For details of this range of figures please go to this link.

There are some conversions (as you would expect) - the leader is a modified Vampire with a head swap and the crouching toad to the right has had his shako replaced with a birorne.

I have used Green Stuff to increase the size and vary the shape of the rosettes and to add buttons and detail.

These will be my third group of Flintloque Toads and I am looking forward to painting them in a slightly different colour scheme. More to follow (even though I should be working on some terrain commissions!)

Happy Easter.



magog001 said...

oh yes! i love the officer (in fact im going to copy it for my armies)

Rob Alderman said...

Great work as ever, Tony. I especially like the officer there too!
As you know, I love all things Todoroni, so am quite excited for this little unit! :)