Tuesday 19 May 2009

Flintloque - Small Stone Warehouse

This morning there was a posting on The Miniatures Page (TMP) showing a new 15mm resin building by Baueda - a Stone Warehouse, (15SWH) part of the Urbis range, see; http://www.baueda.com/urbis.html#15SWH

This evening, I was at a loss as to what to model or paint and while the idea was fresh in my head, I sketched some simple dimensions on to a scrap piece of Blue Foam.

Photo One - The building marked out with black felt-tip pen.

Photo Two - Once the pieces were cut out, I glued them together with PVA/white glue and strengthened the joins with steel dressmakers pins. I then smoothed the joints with a quick rub-over of coarse sandpaper. The door and (one) window are just 'hacked-out' with a 'snap-off' bladed knife.

Photo Three - Using a new blade in my Swan Morton scalpel, I started to carve the stone courses, cutting small 'V' shape groves in to the foam and later deepening them with a sharp pencil. The stonework is all carved by eye, no straight edges or pencil marks.

When I was happy with the stone courses, I pressed the jagged edges of a broken roof tile in to the Blue Foam to enhance the natural stone texture I was after

Photo Four - Additional detail was added by smoothing DAS modelling clay over a coat of PVA/white glue and sculpting with a standard clay-sculpting tool.

Photo Five - At this stage, the building is still quite rough and now that I've checked the Baueda model, much to uniform. Construction time so far - about one and a half hours. In fact the glue has still to set properly - it is only the steel pins that allows me to work so fast!

This is one of those unplanned modelling projects that I enjoy so much, quick, very little planning and so easy. I'll keep a WIP diary, but am not promising that I will do part two as quickly.

The warehouse is 80mm wide, 90mm deep and 100mm tall. The Blue Foam is 25mm thick.


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BigLee said...

You have real talent. Even unfinished this looks great. It'll be good to see the final result.