Sunday 24 May 2009

Flintloque - Small Stone Warehouse finished

These photos show the finished warehouse model, the project has taken less than a week from start to finish and cost me nothing - I have used scrap Blue Foam and MDF that was already stored in my 'spares box'.

Photo One - The finished Warehouse, based, varnished and with ground-cover added.

Photo Two - As above, the green foliage is ground-up foam, mixed with PVA glue and spread-on with a piece of scrap wood. Once dry the heaped foam is very strong.

Photos Three and Four - Show the finished model with a Flintloque Ogre (56009) and a Connartist Command Figure (54034) alongside and shown for scale.

I am pleased with the model, but as stated earlier, a cream coloured stone might have looked better than the grey stone. The model is 80mm wide, 90mm deep and 115mm tall.

Total modelling time; 6 - 7 hours.


1 comment:

MadWelshWizard said...

Lovely little building there Tony ! I am once again in awe :)

You should start casting them up in cheap plaster and flogging the casts ! The exaggerated big detail on the Flintloque buildings should make really good moulds.