Thursday 21 May 2009

New-Look Wargames Illustrated

There has been much written about the new owners of Wargames Illustrated and how WI will become a White Dwarf style advertising catalogue for Flames of War. I saw a comment on TMP earlier this week about how the articles were so well written and the illustrations taken from Osprey guides, this directly led to me searching out a copy at WH Smiths, handing over £4.00 and picking up the new-look Wargames Illustrated (and free plastic Riflemen from the Perry's).

My first impression is that the standard of production and presentation is so much better, now looking and feeling like a prestige and very up-market publication - well done.

I am yet to fully read all of the articles, but delving in to just a few is enough to wet my appetite. The Sturmtiger Diorama by Matt Parkes had me questioning the authenticity of the comments, the detail is so good, that I just couldn't believe it was 15mm scale! I would have thought at least 28mm and maybe larger. Again - well done.

I have NOT found a huge number of FOW adverts, quite the contrary, with a very wide selection of different manufacturers and beautifully painted miniatures to tempt me (and I believe others) to buy.

In summary, there is very little to criticise, I would suggest that it is going to be very hard to maintain this standard but I also look forward to reading more issues.

Do I think I will buy more editions? - YES.

Every one? - NO, I do not think so, but the last WI magazine I purchased was well over a year ago, this new look has tempted me to buy again.


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