Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Toolbox - the cutting tools

I was recently asked about the tools I use and how I work with plastic to create my Aeronef models. After replying to the enquiry, I thought that a simple commentary on the tools I have and where and when I use them might help modellers/gamers to reproduce their own models.

I've started with the cutting tools. Like most modellers I have a wide range of knives, but these three would cover 99% of all of my needs, with some more specialised items being kept in the toolchest for odd jobs. They are; An OLFA 9mm snap-off blade knife, an OLFA 18mm snap-off blade knife and a Swan-Morton scalpel with a N0.11 blade.

My favorite knife is the OLFA 18mm version, however if I had to choose just one, I think it would have to be the Swan Morton Scalpel.

The next photo shows my main modelling saw. I think it is called a Jewellers Saw, but I have had it so long, that I am now not sure. I regularly swap blades, the one fitted in this photo is a tile-cutting blade, which has an all-round cutting edge, great for taking the heads of metal wargaming figures. Other blades have a variety of teeth per inch, depending on the cut needed.

One point about how I use this saw; the screws for holding the saw blade were on the other side of the blade when it was new, I reversed the screw and the plate to make sawing right-handed easier.

This final photo shows my Modelling Saws or Razor Saws, the difference between the blades in the amount of teeth per inch, the more teeth - the finer the cut, however, too fine and the teeth can become blocked with plastic. My advice - buy the best blades you can afford, as they will serve you better.

I hope that this is of interest, pretty basic at the moment, but I intend adding to this section over time. You should also be able to see just how old and well-worn these tools are! Any questions relating to these tools or modelling - well, you know where I am.



MadWelshWizard said...

Excellent glimpse of your tools there Tony. I have yet to do any conversions in modern times. Years and years ago when in Uni I did some rather awful static pose plastic Space Marines into static pose plastic space Wolf Space marines. I still have them, they're pretty bad :)

Eli Arndt said...

It is always good to see what the pros are using. I think there is sometimes a perception that you guys who are really good are using all sorts of fancy tools and tricks.

Thanks for posting,