Monday, 5 July 2010

The Aeronef Le Fee Verte

These images show the finished and painted Aeronef Le Fee Verte (The Green Fairy), previously the highly modified French experimental Aeronef Balaclava. Full details of construction and painting can be found in the On-Line Magazine The Ancible issue 04. For further information on how to download see;

The nine page, step-by-step article gives full details of how I built this Marcus L. Rowland (Forgotten Futures) inspired Aeronef and how she was painted, finished and based. The article also gives gaming stats for the game Aeronef by Matthew Hartley and Steve Blease.

Hopefully, the first of a series of similar 'how I built it' articles that will appear in The Ancible. At just £1.50 per download issue and 80 plus pages of gaming and miniature news - I feel this represents fantastic value for money.



John Lambshead said...

Imaginative model, well done.

-Warren Zoell said...

Great stuff. If I may I would like to post your link on my web page.

Tony said...

To Warren,

I have already commented on your Blog, but just for completeness, you have my permission to post a link on your web pages - very good they are to.......