Wednesday 15 August 2018

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure - Adding Clutter part thirteen

Regular followers of this Blog will know that I have been working on an industrial narrow gauge railway layout built to 1:27.7 scale or 11mm = 1 foot. The choice of such an unusual scale has meant that much if not all items needed for the layout have had to be heavily modified and/or converted from existing models, completely 'scratch built' or sculpted by me.

In a series of clutter themed posts which are planned to run throughout August I will demonstrate what materials I have used to model such items and how I have painted these various pieces of 'clutter' which will at some stage be added to the finished layout.

Many of these scratch-built models were built while sitting in the shed and listening to the World Cup on the radio. I found that these simple and easily made pieces of clutter were the perfect accompaniment to the many hours of radio coverage and the hot dry weather. Today's post is a water carrier which was inspired by one I had seen on The Severn Valley Railway. It was built from a section of plastic tubing, wheels from a 1:43.5 scale tractor model and bits from the spares box. The handles were made from some spare aluminium sheeting which was curved around a paint pot and glued in place with superglue.

Painting was done with acrylic paints and dark washes. I varnished the whole model with a mix of Matt and Gloss varnishes while the weathering was done with a graphite pencil rubbed around the edges and some watercolour pencils.


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