Monday, 27 August 2018

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure - Adding Clutter part twenty-three

Regular followers of this Blog will know that I have been working on an industrial narrow gauge railway layout built to 1:27.7 scale or 11mm = 1 foot. The choice of such an unusual scale has meant that much if not all items needed for the layout have had to be heavily modified and/or converted from existing models, completely 'scratch built' or sculpted by me.

In a series of clutter themed posts which are planned to run throughout August I will demonstrate what materials I have used to model such items and how I have painted these various pieces of 'clutter' which will at some stage be added to the finished layout.

Today's update shows even more bits of clutter for the 1:27.7 scale layout. The larger, cut-down oil drum was scratch-built from an aluminium food tray, the smaller drum and green bucket were from the 1/35th scale Italeri Field Set while the metal poles are various plastic rod and strips, either shop bought or scrap plastic from the spares box. In all cases the painting was brush painted or sponged-on acrylic paint with washes of 'flesh' or brown coloured washes. All of the items were varnished with Galleria Matt Varnish and I have used some rust weathering powders on the larger drum.


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