Monday 16 February 2015

Build Something 2015 - the bellows

In this daily update, I have given details of the set of bellows I have modelled for The Horseshoe Forge.

The main structure was modelled from 5mm thick plastic card (advertising material card) which was cut into 5mm x 5mm lengths and glued together with superglue. The bellows were constructed from plastic card and DAS modelling clay.

The detailing of the joints and nail heads was added from scrap plastic card and follows an image I found on the Internet.

Wood grain texturing was added to the wooden pieces with the teeth of a razorsaw and some rough sandpaper.

The bellows have been further details with sticky-back plastic and small slivers of plastic card. The spout on the front was a section of grey plastic sprue carved and sanded to shape while the handle (to the rear) is a strip of plastic card.

The binding around the front of the bellows is some coloured thread, wrapped around the spout and held in place with superglue.

My plan is to add the set of bellows to the left hand side of the forge with the spout against the wall. At this moment, the bellows are not attached to the frame as I think this will make painting easier.

As with the earlier posts and updates, details of the Build Something contest can be found here.


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