Tuesday 3 February 2015

Build Something 2015 - the first update

The Horseshoe Forge. These are my initial rough sketches, I am planning on a small Blacksmiths Shop and Forge with the distinctive horseshoe entrance as featured in the post from yesterday.

I have had images of this forge/model for some time (see earlier post) and have decided it would make the ideal addition to my terrain collection.

There is a daily update page - detailing the design and construction so far which can be found here. Stay tuned for further posts.



Heisler said...

Looks like a fascinating structure to build. I'm eager to see your results!

johnpreece said...

That looks rather nice.

Here is another one. Still standing though not a smithy any more.


Tony said...

Thank you John.

There was up until a few years ago a Horseshoe Barn/Forge in a little village called Tibberton about 5 miles away from where I live. Unfortunately, it has now been knocked down and redeveloped as housing.


Romi said...

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

Theomar Pius said...

Your rough sketches are works of art!