Friday 13 February 2015

Build Something 2015 - the start of the roofing

In this post I will show how I build roofs, in particular, how I built the tiled roof for The Horseshoe Forge.

Image One - I have already posted details of how I use scrap paper strips to build up the 'hills and valleys' of a traditionally built wooden framed roof, see earlier posts for details.

Image Two - I have started the roofing by adding a small extension to the gabled end, this was done buy first glueing in place some paper strips which overhang the roof edges. Underneath this I have added a layer of thin Green Foam which has been textured to look like wooden strips. Then below this I have glued in place a number of longitudinal wooden ends that also protrude.

Image Three - I use scrap advertising board for my tiles. The board is about 0.75mm thick and was given to me free of charge.

Image Four - I have sanded the surface with some rough sandpaper. This reduces the shiny surface and also adds some texture to the tiles.

I have marked out the tile grid. The bulk of the tiles are standard 5mm x 10mm but there are some one and a half tiles 7.5mm x 10mm for use on the edges.

Image Five - The tiles have been cut with a snap-off bladed knife. I recommend that you only cut through the card about 80%, which leaves the tiles attached and easier to cut. In addition you can see that I have not cut through the card to the very edges, but have kept a frame around them. This makes cutting regular tiles much easier and when you need them it is a simple matter to cut through the remaining 20% of card. I hope that this image shows this technique better than my long explanation.

Image Six - The first and in my opinion most important stage of realistic tiling is the thin red card strip you see to the bottom edge of the roof. This is a tile spaces and if you have read More Wargame Terrain by Tony Harwood you will know just how important this simple addition is to accurate tiling!

You can also see how the one and a half tiles have been used as the first tile in the firsts and third layers of card tiles. Again this gives a more realistic look to miniature roof tiling.

Image Seven - The tiling continues. I am right-handed so find that working from left to right is the easiest way for me to proceed.

Image Eight - And continues. I have taken this image against the light - which shows the hills and valleys that are modelled into the roof.

There is still work to do, but the forge is now looking much more like the initial plan and image.

As with earlier posts, this will be repeated over on the LAF Build Something Thread, Use this link.


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