Sunday 15 February 2015

Build something 2015 - the detail

Today's daily update concentrates on one of my favourite parts of terrain building, the detailing or the adding of all those little details that make the model unique. In this post you can see how The Horseshoe Forge has had surface detail added.

The wooden pegs (that hold the timbers together) are a recognised feature of traditional timber framed buildings, they are usually called nails! I find that modelling these pegs over scale gives the model some additional character. If they were modelled to scale they would become lost when painted.

I model my nails from trimmed-down cocktail sticks which are then glued into holes made with a large sewing needle. In addition I purposely leave some holes unfilled.

I have also added some scrap Green Foam wooden panels and even the odd plastic card bracket to the surface. This detail will 'pop' out when painted and particularly when drybrushed. Plastic card strips have been added under the eaves and the individual stone or bricks have been carved into the DAS modelling clay. I think the images show this detailing better than words.

I still need to do some more work on the roof, but for now, I am pleased with the progress. For further details of the Build Something Contest, go to this link.

If you have any questions you know where I am.


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