Saturday 28 February 2015

The Cider Press - a Special Anniversary Post

Dampf's Modelling Page is seven years old today and to mark the occasion I have uploaded part one of this scratch-built Cider Press. The model was built some time ago and was initially intended as a tutorial in the planned Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No 3 - Models for Wargamers. Regular readers and followers will know that I have decided to postpone this third book, but with the seventh anniversary of the Blog, I thought it was appropriate to include it (part one anyway) here.

I hope you enjoy it.

Image Two - The Cider Press was inspired by this simple sketch found in a book on French Regional Architecture.

Image Three - I scratch built the individual 1/56th scale parts in Plastic card, Wood and Foam following my own layout drawing.

Image Four - The model was built on a rough oval of 3mm plastic card, the sort used as advertising signs. The edges were chamfered and then sanded smooth prior to the cider press frame being glued in place. Please note that the uprights and supports have been pinned and glued.

Image Five - Construction continued with the bottom support. This was a piece of packing case wood, trimmed to size and then sanded with rough sandpaper (to add scale wood grain). The screw support to the left was a couple of pieces of knitting needle and a cocktail stick.

Image Six - The upper supports are modelled from more plastic card while the main tray was made from thicker and more solid plastic card with a lip of plastic card and the spout extended with Green Stuff.

I had to modify one of the base supports to avoid the spout.

Image Seven - I constructed the main press pieces from a number of different Foam and Plastic card pieces.

From bottom to top they are; A square of soft foam, 30thou. Plastic card, Modelling Foam and finally 3mm Plastic Card. I used superglue to glue the pieces together.

Image Eight - The main wheel was modelled from some foam, I found it easier to carve this intricate shape from foam rather than plastic card. The upright handles are plastic rod and the main screw is modelling foam and a piece of scrap sprue.

Images Nine - Shows the start of the DAS groundwork being built up and some of the smaller details or clutter added to the base.

Image Ten - The press arm was modelled from Balsawood.

Images Eleven and Twelve - Show the construction finished and the groundwork textured with sieved stones and fine sand. This was added over uPVA glue and then Wet Water (water with a drop of washing up liquid) was dripped on to the surface. This Wet Water helps to break the surface tension of the glue and ensures that the fine groundcover is well and truly secured in place.

Please click on the images to see more.

Should you be interested in purchasing either Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No 1 Building Wargame Terrain or Guide No. 2 More Wargame Terrain, please go to the links on the top right of the main Blog page.

I will try to get part two - The Painting uploaded very soon, but I already know that my Blogging Month of March is pretty full already!

Look out for more posts very soon.



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congrats on your seventh birthday

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Impressive scratchbuild!!..and congratulations on your blog anniversary

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