Thursday 19 February 2015

Build Something 2015 - part nineteen

The Horseshoe Barn is now nearing completion and according to the rules of the Build Something Contest of LAF - I will soon have to stop the daily updates. It is a Build Something contest, not a Paint Something contest.

Today's update shows how I have added sieved stones and fine sand to the base. This was added over uPVA glue, I then add some 'wet water' (water with either a flow improver or a drop of washing up liquid added) to the base.

The forge bellows are still not permanently attached as I think having them removable will make the model easier to paint.

I think this maybe the last update for some time. Then again, I might just add one image of the undercoated model. Wait until tomorrow to see what I decide.

I hope that you have enjoyed the thread and I have passed on some useful hints and tips. This link will take you to the competition rules and show you the other contestants entries.



Richard said...

Loved watching this come together. Really looking forward to seeing the finished build. Inspirational :-)

Joakim Ström said...

A great little series
By the way I really enjoy More Wargame Terrain. A great buy

Heisler said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this one coming together Tony. Great work!