Thursday 12 February 2015

Build Something 2015 - the forge

Today's daily update features the blacksmiths forge. I have already posted an image of the battery operated tea light on earlier Horseshoe Forge posts, but thought it was worthwhile repeating the image.

Image One - The battery operated tea light.

Image Two - The start of the blacksmiths forge. Built from Blue foam and Plastic card.

Image Three - The forge in place and with the flickering light effect.

Image Four - The canopy was built from more plastic card with plastic strip and plastic rod detailing.

Image Five - The Blue Foam chimney needed to be modified to fit around the tea light base which although cut back, still protruded from the back of the forge.

Image Six - The second block of Blue Foam also needed to be cut back, but as you see from this image the tea light is now fully hidden.

The forge and base are still not glued together, as I want to paint the interior first.

As with earlier updates, these images and text can also be found on the Lead Adventure Build Something 2015 Contest thread, for details go to this link.


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Mad Padre said...

Very clever use of the tea light.