Friday 6 February 2015

Build Something 2015 - the modelling continues

In part five The Horseshoe Forge gets some wooden panelling. 

I have used Green Foam cut into thin strips about 1mm thick and then textured with sandpaper or the teeth of a razorsaw to add wooden planks to the exterior of the forge. The Green Foam was picked up some time ago and is a little denser or firmer than the Blue Foam you buy as insulation. I find that it holds carved detail better than balsa or lollipop sticks and can be glued with superglue.

It is worth noting that I am not trying for a 'perfect fit', as I will be further distressing the foam and filling gaps later in the construction.

The panelling to the interior is textured lollipop sticks. Very little of this will be seen, but I thought it was worth including as it will add strength to the cardboard structure.

This final image shows the forge alongside one of my earlier scratch-built buildings, a Wooden Hovel which has already featured on this Blog. The Hovel was built from textured lollipop sticks over a cardboard core.

As with earlier posts, a Build Thread can be found on the Lead Adventure Build Something 2015 Contest page, for details go to this link.


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Bedford said...

I've been following this on LAf with great interest.

Excellent work thus far.