Sunday 1 February 2015

Stone Barn - for sale

Although this particular model has featured on this Blog before, I make no excuses for featuring it again. The model is of a stone built barn and was built by me over twenty years ago. It was modelled from DAS air-hardening clay and has sculpted stonework over a stiff card former with sponge/foam ivy.

The model was built at the same time as The Green Dragon Inn (which has also featured on this Blog) and used in many a Warhammer Fantasy battle. 'Proper Olde Skool gaming'.

Later, I mounted the hollow building onto a 3mm plastic card base and added some sculpted detail to the groundwork as well as repairing a couple of roof tiles. At the same time it was repainted and varnished.

As part of a long-overdue clear out, I have decided to sell the model on e-bay. Should you be interested in owning a bit of Dampfpanzerwagon terrain (and a little bit of history) please go to this link.

The model is 300m long, 120mm tall (to top of chimney) and 80mm deep.

Happy Modelling. Or should I say, Happy Bidding.....


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