Wednesday 11 February 2015

Build Something 2015 - the doorway

Finally, The Horseshoe Forge has a horseshoe doorway.

I knew that this bit of modelling could make or break the whole build. I had to get this right.

I sketched out a horseshoe on some scrap paper and made sure that it was the right size and shape. before transferring it to some Green Foam.

I cut the foam to shape and sanded the outer edges smooth before sanding the whole 'U' shaped doorway on a piece of 3M abrasive paper, stuck down to a piece of toughened glass. (Sorry about the image, the camera was having difficulty focusing on this small piece of foam).

The 'U' shaped entrance way is 2mm - 2.5mm thick and very fragile, but it is the right shape.

The doorway was glued in place with Superglue and small rectangles of plastic card were added to simulate the metal joining straps used to join the four stone pieces of the archway together. I then cut tiny joins at the top and sides.

To see the whole build on the Lead Adventure Forum site please go to this link.



Mad Padre said...

I'm really liking this project. The horseshoe doorframe is brilliant. Not sure I know what "toughened glass" is though??

Tony said...

Hi Michael,

Toughened Glass?

Imagine a glass chopping board or glass shelf in a bathroom cabinet. The glass is treated to be tougher than a standard glass pane.

I hope that this helps.