Sunday 8 February 2015

Build Something 2015 - part seven

Construction continues. I have now added my first bits of DAS modelling clay to The Horseshoe Forge. The DAS is always added over a layer of dilute uPVA glue, to help make the clay stick and to stop shrinkage.

The DAS around the roof eaves helps to smooth out any gaps and will make tiling easier.

The following two images show how I create 'hills and troughs' the natural undulations of a traditionally built roof. I build up layers of torn paper, one over the other and glued in place with more uPVA glue until I have a subtle rippling. Try not to be too heavy handed with this, I have found that subtlety is the key.

For more details of the LAF Built Something Contest go to this link.

More daily updates to follow.


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