Thursday, 3 September 2015

A Garden Gnome

This must be one of the most unusual On-Line Builds I have even done - A second-hand, concrete garden gnome!

I picked up this garden ornament last week, from an antique shop in Evesham, Worcestershire for just £5.00. As I was leaving the shop this happy face looking up at me and I just knew that I would have to buy him.

When I got home I showed my Wife and Mother-in-Law and set about cleaning him ready to be re-painted.

Sue thinks that he looks like a Cecil - so from now on that is what he will be called - Cecil the Garden Gnome. Look out for further updates through the month.


1 comment:

Dave said...

A bit out of scale with the Flintloque gnomes though.

I like his expression and will be interested to see what he looks like painted up.