Sunday, 27 September 2015

Garden Gnome - part ten

Cecil the Garden Gnome is now finished.

I have also given him three coats of matt varnish in the hope that this will protect the paint when he is placed outdoors.

I am fully aware that this has been a rather unusual series of posts, but one that I have enjoyed.

The Gnome is 35cms tall - from his oversized slippers to the top of his orange cap.

The model Gnome is sold as a Gnome with Broom, but I have painted the broom as a paint brush.

I'm still not sure about those trews!



Paul´s Bods said...

That is really nice and I bet you found it satisfying to do. I´ve said it before..but I really like the trews.

DeanM said...

Very cool - the trews look great on him.

Simon said...

Superb, I really enjoyed your posts