Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Pudigrochumsberg Barn - part two

Part two - the painting of the Pudigroan Barn for Flintloque. For details of part one please see this post.

Images Two and Three - The whole model was given an undercoat or basecoat of dark brown. I find that this helps to define the detail and give me something to build upon. In these images you can see that I have already started to highlight certain panels or features with a lighter drybrushing.

Image Four - I wanted an almost 'cartoony' colour scheme and chose one that was simple but impactful. The walls are built up from Scab Red, highlighted with Blood Red and further detailed with Hot Orange.

Image Five - The white is built up over Stonewall Grey and highlighted with Titanium White - an artists tube acrylic paint. I like to paint my terrain with darker colours on the lower level and lighter colours the higher up I go.

Image Six - I have painted the groundwork in my usual Snakebite Leather. I find that painting all of my terrain with the same paint mix, helps to unify all of the terrain or scenery.

Images Seven, Eight and Nine - The roof was painted to imitate large wooden planks. and I have tried to paint them as rough cut and weathered planking.

Additional detail painting has been carried out by building the colours from dark to light and 'washing' the painted pieces afterwards.

This image shows the rear of the barn. The smaller barrels are cast in plaster and were from a model railway supplier while the larger barrel was sculpted by me.

Images Ten, Eleven and Twelve - The finished Pudigroan Barn in the shape of a kennel!

I couldn't resist having some fun and painting the name FIDO above the door.....

I think I have succeeded in producing a fun piece of themed terrain for this new Army of Dogs - for full details of the whole range please go to this link.

Woof, Woof.


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